Tips on how to read more from someone who does…

List from this website:

  1. Carry your books everywhere
  2. Keep a list
  3. Read multiple books at once
  4. Mark it up
  5. Share what you read
  6. Listen to books
  7. Buy cheap
  8. Keep your eyes open
  9. Prioritize
  10. Have dedicated reading time
  11. Join a book club
  12. Have a trusted referral source
  13. Read in sprints

Another list of tips:

1. Don’t make towering reading goals.

2. Keep your goals to yourself

3. Quit early.

4. Read books that you actually enjoy.

5. Always have a book on-hand.

6. Borrow reading time from something less important.

7. Partake in reading challenges.

8. Create a distraction-free reading environment.

9. Stock up.

10. Use technology to your advantage.

11. Change your mindset.

12. Skim.

13. Read multiple books.

14. Keep your eyes open.

15. Commit to reading when traveling or before bed.

16. Eliminate decision fatigue.

17. Settle down.

18. Share what you read.

19. Have your next book on stand-by.

20. Set a dedicated reading time.

21. Buy books that are on sale.

22. Join a book club.

23. Hijack your Facebook habit.

24. Read in sprints.

25. Take notes, read aloud, or mouth along.

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