Why Engage Kids with Learning to Code

  • understanding code helps explain the world
  • learning to code develops problem solving and computational thinking skills
  • coding is FUN!


  • CodeBC
    • linking coding applications to the BC curriculum and the Core Competencies
    • guide on computational thinking- way of thinking of how the world works using the logic of code
  • Hour of Code
    • one hour tutorials for lesson plans
  • Scratch
    • allows students to code small interactive stories, games and animations and share with others in the online community
    • developed with the idea that it could be used in education from the start of its inceptions so there are many resources
  • Glitch
    • a simple tool for creating web apps and a friendly, creative community of coders
  • Computer Science Unplugged
    • teaching computer science without a computer

I looked at CodeMonkey, which is designed for preschoolers to introduce to coding. It was really fun and a great introduction to sequencing without requiring students to have language- they just need to understand what arrows mean.

see for more app options.

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