Week 3 Reflections

This week in class we explored how to use video and audio editing and screen capture software. I have seen examples of how these tools have been used in the past, however, I have never taken the time to investigate them myself.

It was really interesting to play around with the software and create our own videos from the same base video featuring goats.

Here is the video I created using iMovie following the basic guide that was provided to us:

I am also including the links to Rich’s website as well as the introductory GoogleDocs that contained the instructions for future reference.

The main post on Rich’s site:


The iMovie Introduction Handout:


The Audacity Introduction Handout:


The Screencastify Introduction Handout:


Having Rich in the class to help and explain all of the programs was an invaluable resource and I’m looking forward to finding ways to incorporate these technologies into the classroom. There are so many different ways to include technology and video/audio editing software in the classroom. From simulations to videos like those created by Khan Academy, the options are overwhelming however having had the chance to play around with these options makes the idea of integrating them in the classroom more manageable.

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